Polaroid Pogo… the ideal Christmas gift and eLearning accessory?

Polaroid’s official site for the PoGo range

First saw an ad for these in the paper a few weeks back, a “special offer” at £24.99 and thought it was worth a try. Was very impressed with the speed and the fact it paired with every device I tried it with. Demoed it to a few teaching staff and I’ve never seen such a positive reaction to a piece of hardware before!

It seems to have the wow factor and a (at present) a low enough price point (aroud £25) to get people to buy one on impulse.

There’s also a version with a camera attached (or should it be a Pogo on the back of a camera?!) but unfortunately it only has a fixed zoom lens… hopefully a proper optical zoom version might be planned for the future to bring the old Instamatic into the 21st Century with a bang.

Uses in eLearning? Instant records of student work that could be taken from a range of mobile devices (which you could then display on a VLE afterwards) and that excitement factor which always helps in the classes Hot


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