My Live@Edu \ Moodle wishlist

Seeing as we’re getting to that time of year again thought I should start writing my Moodle wish-list for Santa and his development team over at Live@Edu Smile

– Live ID authentication auto-create users in a similar way to the LDAP plugin works… maybe checking against your Live@Edu domain to see if the user is valid and then grabbing their name etc from Outlook Live.

– Moodle plugin to become an official (supported) part of Live@Edu – I think this would give a lot more confidence to other institutions thinking of implementing the system and increase take up

– Office Live web apps to be launched and ready to implement before I demo the site in late December (beta test team if you see this please contact me Wink)

– SkyDrive implementation inside Moodle, repository style so you could sign in with your LiveID and when submitting a piece of work to your tutor click a SkyDrive button, select your document from the cloud and send into Moodle in one action. Just makes life a lot easier…

– SkyDrive plugin for Windows (save to drive letter and sign in \ out with the Live ID)

– Sign in screen customisation to become part of the Live@Edu co-branding section

Have any other ideas \ wish list, add a comment below!


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