An IE6 compatible menu for Aardvark theme at last?

I’m a massive fan of the Aardvark Moodle theme (see here ) as it makes a big difference to the look and feel of Moodle, much more of a Web 2.0 \ user friendly style than the standard themes.
Only problem has been problems with the nav menu in IE6 (horrible browser!), which has been stopping me from going all the way with my Moodle \ website merge as I can’t exclude people on old browsers. The new release was still keeping with the same menu so I thought I’d give it a try and find a more compatible menu I could insert into the theme.
After some Googling I found this…
Sounds hopeful! Then started trying to re-skin the menu to look like the menu on our main site (which itself I’d recoded with the 3D effect, see here )
A few hours later I seem to have cracked it, one identical menu, just uploading the modified files to SkyDrive just in case… not losing a good few hours’ work!
Just need an IE6 machine to test with now, shame I haven’t upgraded this PC from Vista to 7 yet as I’ve got an IE6 compatibility test VM back in the office. If all works as I hope I’ll put the code \ modified theme up on for everyone to bask in the cross-browser happiness Hot
Update: found my old Acer laptop (Athlon XP 1400 power!) with IE6 and now have what looks like a finished product, uploading to SkyDrive now for some more testing once in work tomorrow Smile
Useful CSS \ IE6 coding links…

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