Local Mandatory Profiles for XP workstations

A bit more techie than the usual VLE posts on here but this one is worth sharing I think…

We use mandatory profiles on our teaching PCs to create an exact look and feel on every machine for items that can’t be controlled by GPO e.g. moving toolbars to a certain position, showing the ruler in Office and so on. Works great for networked machines but recently we’ve been buying a lot of NC10s for use in the Community. I wanted to recreate the exact same user experience but obviously missing the domain for login scripts, profile server etc.

Looking around Google there didn’t seem to be much about using an existing .man profile on a local workstation. Lots about the Default User and similar methods but I wanted something simpler. After some investigation here’s the solution Hot

  • copy your network mandatory profile from the server to a USB stick
  • create a folder on local drive of mobile (off network) workstation e.g. C:\profile
  • grant read access to Everyone group on the profile folder
  • set ownership of profile folder to local Administrators group, Replace Owner on Subfolders etc
  • go to AD and set profile path to C:\profile
  • Enjoy!

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