Live@Edu \ Moodle update

Went to BETT last week and watched a few demonstrations of Live@Edu on the Microsoft stand, pretty much what I expected to see from the work I’ve done with the plugin so far but good to see Moodle being shown as a more integral part of the Live@Edu platform offering. Hopefully this means more updates to the Live Services block in the future 🙂

Our R4 accounts are playing nicely with Moodle now and just put the first class up there to test out, awaiting feedback to see how it goes!

If not using ILM to manage the accounts here’s a quick link to the CSV parser download for Powershell, currently the way we’re doing it here until we get AD student accounts sorted (although that can probably wait until the next OLSync release where the password sync is a bit more user friendly)

And here’s the bit of code I use to call it…

# capture the admin LiveID username in a variable
$Username = “”
# capture the admin LiveID password in a variable.  Note, that it is stored as a secure string
$Password = ConvertTo-SecureString ‘youradminpassword’ -AsPlainText -Force
# populate the $Livecred PowerShell credential with $Username and $Password
$Livecred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential $Username, $Password
# call the CSV_Parser.ps1 file in a new shell, feeding in the usual parameters
./CSV_Parser.PS1 –UsersFile “e:\liveedu\liveimport.csv” -RemoteURL -LiveCredential $Livecred -LogDirectory “e:\Logging\” -LogVerbose $true -ValidateAction $true
# Gracefully remove the runspace so as not to leave any orphaned connections
Get-RunSpace | Remove-RunSpace

Works nicely on my Windows 7 work machine, hopefully now it’s R4 it should work with the PowerShell for Server 2003 so I can put a scheduled task to run it nightly with exports from our MIS system


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