Updated IE6 Menu package for aardvark theme

For anyone coming from Moodle.org here’s an update of the IE6-compatible menu for the Newbury College theme. Had a try at putting it into the newer 1.1 and 1.2 releases but looks like that will need a bit more investigation now the CSS is all merged into one. Haven’t looked into it any further than that as we’re staying with the older release for now…

If you want to have a try don’t use the header.html in the ZIP package as it’s changed in the newer aardvark releases.

R2 release includes new 3D gel effect graphics for the menu items and a small fix to tweak the menu height (previously caused breadcrumb links to activate the menu). Same installation as before; just extract into the theme folder.

Download from the SkyDrive Public folder link here

If anyone gets it working in 1.1 \ 1.2 post back and I’ll include the instructions in the package 🙂


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