MoodeMoot inspired morning

First day back after MoodleMoot, feels a bit strange not being in a keynote or workshop right now!

With 2 days’ worth of new ideas to try out I’ve already made my first breakthrough of the day, realised that my custom IE6 menu on our theme wasn’t working correctly when the Lesson module is used. Couldn’t be doing with that so jumped into the code and found the CSS class may have been conflicting… quick tweak and all is happy again 🙂

Will re-release the menu and if there’s any interest the entire theme… hit the comment box and let me know!

Doing some staff Moodle training tomorrow, have a few ideas for an online training course after seeing the Blackpool workshop presentation and the CPD hours idea sounds like a winner. A few more bits to keep me busy today…

  • try out book Module
  • edit our current demo course with new activities… suggestions for a light hearted course to work with… Feline Photography for Beginners anyone?
  • get Mahara demoing on our site
  • customise My Moodle portal even further, had some very useful discussions on that front yesterday
  • further investigation into the whole Google Apps vs Live@Edu battle for the cloud, I have a feeling we won’t truly know which will win out for a good 6 months or so until Moodle 2.0 comes out and then see who integrates better with the whole repository \ ePortfolio model Martin demoed yesterday

Thanks to all who attended the workshop yesterday, hope you found it useful and as always any questions either comment on here or email


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