Live@Edu Webinar today…

This should be an interesting one, a web conference with Microsoft to get some of the deeper technical questions about Live@Edu  answered and see where we can go with the service in terms of its future integration with Moodle. SSO options without using LiveID to sign into Moodle will be something I’m sure will crop up, as might the next offering on the platform (Sharepoint anyone?)

Here’s my vision for how it could all slot together nicely…

  • students get their course materials and lesson activities on Moodle as always, an assignment could be set or students may need to gather resources for next lesson
  • they work on their document on Word on their desktop PC
  • when done they can then upload to their personal file storage space on Live@Edu, make lightweight edits using Office Online and collaborate on shared work with other students
  • when finished they could then seamlessly submit the work in Moodle as an assignment… in Moodle 2.0 this should be very easy to implement using the repository function but I’d like to see Microsoft go one step further and make something for 1.9 as it’s unlikely that 2.0 will be seeing action on many production sites this year
  • when graded etc students could then seamlessly submit exemplar work to their personal Mahara portfolio, some people are using it as a file store but I’d prefer to keep it as portfolio work only rather than as a general document store, not least because of the storage costs associated with hosting Mahara compared to using Live@Edu where there’s 10GB provided for free!

And here’s a pretty diagram to say the same thing in pictures (have to say the screen clipping feature in Office 2010 made doing this a lot quicker than usual!)


2 Responses to Live@Edu Webinar today…

  1. Rabbie Burns says:

    Did you really post this on May 25, 2010 or is the date messed up?

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