SCCM Installed

Finally beginning the transition from trusty SMS 2003 to a new shiny SCCM R2 setup, moving over so we have a supported way of deploying Windows 7 when it comes to it plus a few other enhancements and the option of multicast imaging (although only once we move to Server 2008)

SCCM is going on a new server with a new site code so we can keep SMS right up until the moment we switch the boundaries over. Install went pretty smoothly yesterday apart from one or two well trodden issues…

  • Extending the schema, went well apart from 3-4 items that were giving an 8202 error. Nice easy fix for this… force a replication between DCs in AD Sites and Services then re-run extadsch.exe and all is good.
  • System Management container rights… new server computer account needs access here, sometimes SCCM still moans and you have to look for the objects inside it that are giving the errors and set the security manually there as well.

Now at the point where I need an image to capture to continue the testing process and set up the Task Sequences etc.

This very well written step by step guide is probably the ultimate for SCCM imaging…

And this looks very handy to emulate the function in SMS 2003 OSD asking for the computer name for new bare metal systems…

We’ve enabled Unknown Computer support as we want quick and easy bare metal builds without creating Computer Associatons so if all goes fine we’re well away. Then it’s time to play with MDT and a single Windows 7 image for multiple HALs and hardware types Hot


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