Office Web Apps block for Moodle

Now that the Office Web Apps are fully released I wanted users to have a quick way to access them from the My Moodle page, in the same way they can with the email from the Live@Edu Moodle plugin. I’d just made my first block a week or so before so thought I’d knock something up to do the job.

The block itself is just HTML code pointing to a link that creates a new document in SkyDrive \ Office Live (these two seem to be slowly merging into each other by the looks of it). If you’re not signed in with a Windows Live ID it automatically hides itself (I’ve made the same mod to the Live Services block as well) so users won’t see functionality that won’t work e.g. teachers signing in via LDAP.

I’ve made the default location for the new documents as the My Documents folder as there seems to be a strange behavior with the Office Live default folder in that you can’t move the documents if they’re in the root (lock icon on the files?)

Would be nice to see this built into the Live Services block, perhaps with some kind of storage space indicator (more likely once Live@Edu brings out the SharePoint backend for file storage perhaps?)

Drop the officeonline folder from the ZIP file into the blocks folder in Moodle and go to your admin page to install. As always try this on a test site first!


2 Responses to Office Web Apps block for Moodle

  1. ovibarcelo says:

    It look great! but when I’ve uploaded at my ‘blocks” folder and install it, it doesn’t appear. What can I do?

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