Moodle staff open day success :D

After a year of development and research we put the VLE to the test with a summer conference for teaching staff to see their reaction to Moodle. In previous years it had a reputation for being difficult to use and hard to see how tutors could use it in their lessons. We wanted to change that!

To get people excited at the opportunities Moodle has to enhance learning we made a demo course with London Landmarks as the subject. We enrolled all the tutors as students so they could see the course from the learner side and at the same time get comfortable with the interface without the extra pressure of all the edit buttons etc.

We made sure the course used lots of interactive activities including (but not limited to) discussion forums, student-populated glossaries, Xerte activities, quizzes, Assignments and Lightbox Galleries. In the hour we covered each activity as a different topic and got the tutors talking to see how each one could fit their lessons.

Result? They loved it!

Feedback from the sessions showed a lot of support and interest and what was really great was the result of the navigation question in our feedback form… pretty much everyone found the site extremely easy or easy to use… not often you can say that with Moodle 🙂

Next steps for us, building a follow-up course with how-to guides to make each resource and appointing a part-time post to support tutors in making resources…


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