Live@Edu what have you done???

Something’s changed… and it’s not good 😦

We’ve had the Moodle plugin for Live@Edu online for almost a year in some form or another and for the last few months it’s been pretty stable and as such we’ve been sorting out systems to get all our students onto LiveIDs for the start of next academic year as part of our full launch of the VLE.

Was just trying out some new accounts the other day and to my horror found the first-time sign-in process has been broken!

It used to do this…

  • click login
  • go to Live sign-in page
  • enter credentials
  • for first-time login accept TOU and provide birth year (annoying but bearable)
  • set consent to access contact info
  • redirect back to Moodle and complete sign in

Now it does this…

  • click login
  • go to Live sign-in page
  • enter credentials
  • for first-time login accept TOU and provide birth year (annoying but bearable)
  • redirects to and stays there, no way back to where you started!
  • to login you then have to manually go back to your original site URL
  • click login again
  • then it continues from where it left off and signs into Moodle

The same thing happens if you sign into SkyDrive and I’d imagine any site that isn’t

As you can imagine this is a nightmare for us as the sign-in process was long enough already and this will confuse our students so much they probably won’t come back to the site. So far haven’t had much luck from Microsoft in identifying this issue, it’s come just after I’d noticed the consent screen kept popping up even when it should be gone for a year so something odd has happened at the back end.

Strangely it doesn’t happen on my test domain, maybe some difference between test domains and live ones?

Really beginning to look over my shoulder now with about a month and a bit to go before I have to get students on the VLE… we’ve come so far with Live@Edu on Moodle it would be such a shame (and very frustrating) to have to lose it now 😦

Edit: just set up a new domain with Live@Edu (again as a test domain rather than a live one) and all is fine so what changes when using a live domain?!


4 Responses to Live@Edu what have you done???

  1. I have been looking into LDAP and live@Edu authentication for a while now but can find for the life of me a way to make Moodle use them both i.e. a user logs in with their LDAP account details and once logged in they can access their Live@Edu services like email and possibly the Live Docs. Is there a way…

    • gshaw0 says:

      Hi Anthony,

      It’s a question many have asked but no-one has solved as yet 😦

      As it stands the plugin needs the user’s Moodle authentication method to be changed to LiveID to function, which then rules out using LDAP. The only other solution I’ve seen that *might* work is using the Windows Live SSO kit on your campus machines to SSO into Live from a user logged on the domain then bounce off to Moodle. The only caveat there is that it only works inside the network, although one company seems to have found a hosted option…

      It’s a shame the Moodle plugin doesn’t work in the way you’ve described, especially as the Google equivalent uses a different method to communicate with their servers and lets you keep your current authentication method for Moodle accounts. As far as I know the Google one doesn’t have the display of new messages in the block though.

      Having said all that I guess we have to keep an eye on Office 365 now and ADFS, which could change the game completely. As it stands there’s no sign of any updates coming to the current Moodle integration but all we can do is keep an eye on new developments and hope for the best…



      • Hi Gerrard,
        Thanks for the reply, this is definitely something to think about. I used Google apps in the end and it took me a total of about half an hour to get fully operational (except rollout to staff and students). Live@edu seems way to overly complicated and not seemless enough. I have however found that it does integrate with exchange 2003 and 2007 so you can see your emails through Moodle but I have yet to actually test and implement (google apps in in use for emails at the mo anyways). If it isnt as easy to implement I think Google apps will win this fight :).

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