SCCM imaging started… and now for the bugs!

With all but one of the images captured to SCCM and deployed to distribution points I created a Task Sequence to install the image, chained on Kaspersky AV at the end and tested one out via PXE… lovely 😀

All being good I then sent out the first room to image… not so lovely. Image went through OK but towards the end (just around the ConfigMgr client) the Task Sequence crashed out with cmd.exe errors, no client installed and no Kaspersky 😦

Hop through the log files, get onto Google and find this lovely KB article…

A Windows Update breaking another MS product… can’t be!

Slightly more Googling later and some more useful links come to light…

Installed the hotfix on the server then did a bit more testing… slightly strange results (as referenced in the technet link)

  • with ccmcertfix and the hotfix running before the TS starts I get an error when running the msp file
  • the error says the wrong version is installed for the patch (R2 SP2 client) yet some of the docs say it affects SP2 clients as well?
  • running the MSP as part of the Install Windows & ConfigMgr stage fails as well
  • running certfix on an affected client before the TS and not installing the hotfix at all looks to be working (the machine is just finishing off the software installs at the end now)

So I guess I’ll leave off the hotfix for now and just use ccmcertfix so I can get my imaging done, will need to re-do the machines I managed to get working via PXE just to be on the safe side then try again on some fresh victims that still have last year’s build on them…


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