ULCC ILP package updated

e-ILPs are something we’re looking to introduce now that our VLE is gaining momentum. The ULCC ILP plugin for Moodle is a great way to do this and the Community release has just had an update. Compared to the old version we were running there’s a few nice updates there which seems to fix a few bugs and clean up the way the module displays information (works a lot nicer with our theme now)

Initial changes I’ve noticed after installing on our beta test site…

  • targets, progress reviews etc display properly with our theme now (was missing the header on these pages before)
  • students’ ILP status is now colour coded by default (was grey on ours in the old release)
  • display of the ILP on the default template looks cleaner and neater (I managed to do this with a custom template beforehand but nice to see it all straight out the box)
  • My Targets has a funky button rather than the old text link
  • the ILP block has been updated so it works properly in My Moodle and shows the current ILP status (see old and new screenshots below for the difference)

ULCC ILP Moodle block old and new

old version of the block (left) and current release (right)

This post by James Ballard on Moodle.org outlines all the new changes, quite a few new features that look to be very useful!


Having spoken to a few Moodle \ eLearning people at a training event for Xerte Toolkits I’m looking into having templates for each department in their progress reviews. Never knew this feature was there before so proves the value of getting out and about and seeing what others are doing. Thanks go to JISC for setting up these kind of events, proves very useful for sharing of good practice 🙂


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