What does 2011 have in store?

Merry New Year to all, hope you all had good break 🙂

Just been thinking about what this year has in store… as always it seems to get busier than ever!

  • moving to Moodle 2.0 probably in the summer (hopefully might be on the 2.1 release by then) This is going to need a lot of work beforehand though to get a theme to match \ improve on our current one. I also want to start from a fresh base so will have to recreate all our website content on there as well
  • teaching materials repository for Moodle, probably fits in with 2.0 with its repository feature. Alfresco seems to be a name popping up a lot at the moment so will keep an eye out on that front
  • Mahara integration, looking to get this set up soon with Moodle SSO to see how we can use it with our tutors
  • making the decision on the future of Live@Edu on our VLE… depends very much with what Microsoft come up with at our next education meeting with them. If there’s no Moodle 2.0 support promised then I guess it’ll be bye bye to Live@Edu and hello Google Apps…

That’s quite a list just on the e-Learning side of things, on the tech side it’s just as busy…

  • Server virtualisation project to go ahead in summer, deciding on VMWare vs Hyper-V, which SAN etc plus the small matter of migrating everything over. At the same time we also need to decide whether to continue with our dual networks or if the time has come to merge it all together
  • Move to Server 2008 R2 from 2003… after the virtualisation is done this will be on the cards, we can’t move as yet due to lack of driver support but once we’re virtualised we can move upwards, which also helps with…
  • …looking at Windows 7 on the desktop for our classroom and admin machines and probably an Office 2007 > 2010 update as well
  • Once servers are virtualised VDI will be the next thing to keep an eye on, some machines coming up to 5yrs old could be a candidate for testing VDI as a replacement

So all in all not much to do then!

And finally…

Just bought myself the first new toy of 2011

Time to see just how quick it is when I get home… should make startup speeds lightning fast!


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