SSD… 2 weeks on

It’s been a few weeks since I took the plunge and bought an X25-M 80GB drive to see just how much difference it makes and the verdict after a few weeks using it is..


Conventional wisdom has always been that more RAM is the best performance boosting upgrade you can do but I’d say the SSD probably overtakes it. The desktop experience now is now amazingly snappy, apps spring into life with no loading delays. Windows hits the desktop instantly after the intial boot up with no HD rattle (something I noticed a lot with a standard HDD and Windows 7)

The one thing that’s slightly unknown as yet is how long the drives last compared to a mechanical HDD, apparently there should be enough writes in the drive to last for >30 years but I’ll be making an image of the drive now I have the software install all sorted just to be on the safe side!


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