Moodlemoot 2011 reflection

Another Moot has come and gone, 2 days of Moodle keynotes, workshops, networking and copious amounts of coffee and biscuits in between… so on reflection what stood out this year for me?

  • reigniting my interest in Moodle 2.0
    This might seem odd to anyone reading it but after the initial excitement of the 2.o release last year I felt a bit underwhelmed in places and migration worries put 2.0 on the back burner for me… until now. After Moot’11 and focussing on the good stuff in 2.0 I’m back to feeling a bit hyper about it again… time for a new dev server I think! That said I reckon I’ll be waiting for the 2.1 release before going into production with it, which being realistic means we won’t move until 2012-2013 academic year (Armageddon depending)
  • Cool stuff in Moodle 2.0 \ coming in 2.1
    Course completion \ progress tracking, conditional activities (if used sparingly), quiz engine updates, 1.9 > 2.0 course restores. A lot of this was out there already but seeing examples and what’s coming in the next release really helps. Good to know Moodle is on a 6-month release cycle and some of the changes Martin mentioned in his keynote sound very promising for future releases.
  • Moodle for mobile
    Very cool! Was an interesting announcement during Martin Dougiamas’ keynote of an official Moodle mobile app, initially for iPhone then being ported to Android. However it will be interesting to see exactly where a mobile app will add value… I reckon it will have value in some places much more than others… quizzes to do on the commute or assignment alerts would be great but some features might not necessarily benefit from being made mobile so definitely one to keep an eye on to see how it shapes up.
  • Useful slides
    Think I’ll be dipping into the slide decks from some of the workshops and keynotes for presentations to staff over the coming months. Some interesting points about pedagogy and suitable activities for each style could prove useful and course presentation tips are always good for tutors to keep in mind when working on Moodle.
  • Useful plugins to add to our site
    Davo Smith’s checklist and annotation add-ons will be going on my test site asap, it’s work like this that proves why Moodle is the #1 VLE out there… could you imagine developments like this happening on a proprietary system and being given away to the community? If you haven’t already seen them check out 
  • New thinking…
    The best bit of conferences like Moodlemoot is the opportunity to discuss the burning issues of the day with a group of like-minded people, which gives some great ideas to take back and look to the future but at the same time remembering where the real value lies… “it’s all for the teaching and learning”
  • Catching up
    Was good to see a lot of familiar faces and to catch up with Moodlers from other organisations to see what’s been happening over the past year. Sharing experience is really important and as mentioned during the conference keynotes face-to-face interaction always works best 🙂
  • Free stuff
    I always try to come back with goodies from any conference I get to and this year it’s courtesy of Packt publishing who supplied the prize for guessing (read Googling!) how many pages are in Mary Cooch’s new book “Moodle 2.0 First Look”, which should prove pretty handy over the coming months…

  • On the down side I forgot to get an Adobe mug to add to my growing collection IT-based crockery. Need to up my game the next time I’m out, getting sloppy!
Overall another really useful event that gives plenty to take back, roll on Moot 2012!
Comment me up on your Moodlemoot 2011 highlights and what you’ll be taking back to your organisations tomorrow (or next week for those lucky enough to have tomorrow off for the ultimate long weekend)

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