First steps towards a new theme…

Seeing as it’s a miserable day outside and the football only takes up part of my screen I thought I’d drop WampServer on my PC and install a local Moodle 2.2 dev site to have a play around with.

On our current 1.9 site we used a heavily customised version of Shaun Daubney’s excellent Aardvark theme so going to go the same again and installed his latest version for Moodle 2

Had a silly moment wondering why it hadn’t appeared in the list then realised Moodle 2 is clever enough to have different themes for different devices… nice!

Having set Aardvark as the theme I was impressed by the simplicity of initial customisation… along with the built-in Moodle menu feature the footer, logo and background image options let you get going without even needing Firebug (although I’m sure it’ll be needed soon once I get down to CSS tweaking)

I really like the new profile bar at the top and can see potential for my Live@Edu block there, dropdown menu is nice and slick as well. However there was one thing that didn’t look right for me… the icons. In our current theme we used the excellent Silk icons from so I jumped into the theme folder to have a look at replacing them…

…there’s quite a lot of them!

Before starting out on what could be a bit of a manual labour task I was going to post on here to see if someone wanted to help out but then wondered if someone’s already done it… a quick Google search later et voila!

One copy \ paste later I now have Aardvark + Silk Icons 😀

Update: here’s a quick screenshot of the new icon set in action, slightly tweaked from the set mentioned below as I wanted a few from our old theme…

Gareth J M Saunders… the wonky Moodle logo salutes you too!


3 Responses to First steps towards a new theme…

  1. Glad I could be of assistance. I rather enjoyed the Moodle 2 theme project — it was made all the more enjoyable by the excellent documentation from the Moodle project themselves.

    • gshaw0 says:

      Hi Gareth,

      The icon set might be helping quite a few other people in the near future that I know of who are in the process of moving to Moodle 2 🙂

      I tweaked the set slightly as I had subtly different versions of some icons and put a few more module icons in as well… will put it up on the blog soon if anyone finds it useful…

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