Office 365 now free for education staff… well done Microsoft :)

Just had this come through via email… good move by Microsoft to drop the charges for staff to use the system

“We are also excited to make pricing changes to Office 365 for education. In line with our longstanding commitment to education, we will make our “A2″ service plan free to not only students, but also to faculty and staff. A2 includes the core capabilities of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync and the Office Web Applications. Exchange Online and Lync Online are available today for academic institutions, and we’ll launch the full Office 365 for education service starting this summer. You can get more information on our Office 365 for education offering here.”

I’m attending a Microsoft event next week to get some more answers about where SkyDrive fits in with Office 365 and how the migration works then will start planning to see how it will work for us…


2 Responses to Office 365 now free for education staff… well done Microsoft :)

  1. Webster Alfonso says:

    Did you ever hear back on how skydrive fit into the office 365 model?

    • gshaw0 says:

      Had confirmation the other day… once you’re transitioned to Office 365 new accounts will no longer be provisioned with SkyDrive (replaced with Sharepoint). Users with existing SkyDrive data will be able to continue to use the service with a separate set of credentials to their Office 365 account. I hope MS produce some decent integrations of the Sharepoint “My Files” as now SkyDrive has open APIs it’s technically possible to create a repository to access the files from Moodle etc… typical it happens just as the product is about to be replaced!

      The text below is from a Microsoft email I received yesterday…

      Office 365 for education
      Although SkyDrive is not included in Office 365, it’s important to note that your current SkyDrive users will not lose anything they store in SkyDrive after your establishment upgrades to Office 365 for education. Your users will continue to have access to all their files in SkyDrive, plus your establishment will have the added benefits of SharePoint Online with powerful features like intranet sites, seamless integration with Exchange Online and Lync Online, as well as a rich set of enterprise-level administrative tools not found in SkyDrive and other consumer services.

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