Hello Mahara :)

After a bit of a wait our Moodle finally has Mahara integration… have wanted to get my hands on a proper setup for a while now to add a more learner-owned system into our eLearning provision.

After a successful SSO from Moodle I had a bounce around the interface to see what I could do with it. Immediately the CV building and easily customisable pages stood out as perfect for our learners. Very easy to use as well (although the CV section could do with a print button for offline viewing)

At this point Mahara was running on the default theme which looked worlds away from our Moodle site so in the usual fashion out came WAMPServer and Firebug to see what I could do with it. For those wanting to run Mahara on a Windows box for dev purposes follow these threads…


The bundled themes weren’t great so had a look around and found a theme bundle from 3rd Wave Media which looked an ideal base to work from http://elearning.3rdwavemedia.com/freebies/

By the end of the afternoon I have this… very close match for our Moodle 2.2 theme…

Had to hide the user search box to be able to shrink the top wrapper but will replace that with a “Friends” link in the main nav menu once someone on the Mahara forums tells me what the correct syntax is to add to the code.

Just Joomla to go now then I’ll have consistent look and feel across all our new web platforms 🙂


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