Olympics tech: Gold medal for the BBC :)

After a fantastic two weeks London 2012 is done and dusted, creating some fantastic memories along the way. Amongst all the glory for the athletes and organisers I feel the BBC deserves a special mention from the techie side for all their work during the games.

I tend to have very low tolerance levels for bad software and on the same front also full of praise where it’s due… for the BBC it’s the latter as their online systems have been top notch. Thanks to an unfortunate moment with the aerial cable on my TV card resulting in the connector breaking off the mainboard I’ve been reliant on streaming media a lot of the time, fortunately the web player performed when it mattered.

(image credit http://londoncalling.co… 16 days of competition and I forgot to take a screenshot the entire time!)

The interface was slick and just… worked, great in itself then factor in the choice of every sport as it happened, bookmarks within broadcasts plus all the stats and athlete info and it adds up to an extremely impressive package. To think about 6 years ago I was watching the first blocky low res streams of World Cup 2006 compared to what we have now…

Also found the mobile app very useful, although basically a mobile rip of the BBC website it kept me in touch with Team GB’s gold rush. The only downside was not being able to play video thanks to Adobe’s moronic decision to break Flash Player in Android on ICS and newer releases.

There’s an interesting read on the BBC’s blog about how they brought it all together…


A pat on the back for a job well done to all, just one of many successes of London 2012… as Seb Coe said, we did it right!


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