Handy tools for disk (and SD card) cloning

After getting Mounts2SD to save me from the woes of limited storage on my Desire I soon realised that the stock memory card wasn’t going to cut the mustard. With so many apps hitting the SD, the phone often slowed down, which coupled with my impatience often meant the battery being yanked out the back of the phone and a cold reboot. Luckily eBay is always on hand to offer me a silly cheap price on a Class 10 replacement card 🙂


Now the fun starts, I really don’t want to start from scratch so all I need is a quick and simple utility to clone all the partitions on the card to my new one… simple right? Initially tried using Clonezilla but using the built in card reader on me x100e it was moving at a snail’s pace, probably not helped by going USB to USB.

A bit of Googling later I found the perfect utility – HDD Raw Copy Tool

Doesn’t get much simpler than this, raw sector by sector copy of any device to any other device (or file). Making the image was quick, copying it to the destination just as much so.

Next I needed to resize the 3GB data partition to fill the rest of the space, nice and easy with GParted but needed to do it via USB as my x100e doesn’t have an optical drive. In the end I used Unetbootin and the excellent PartedMagic distro (think I’ll be using this again in the future)

During the process I also found out that…

  • the SD card reader isn’t working quite right on Windows 8, gives me write errors when trying to write with HDD Raw Copy
  • USB sticks also fit neatly into the RJ-45 socket if you’re plugging them in without looking, would explain why the machine wasn’t booting at first!

One Response to Handy tools for disk (and SD card) cloning

  1. JP says:

    I tried this out to backup an embedded ESXi installation which was deployed on an SD card. The card was 4GB and had 5 partitions (with a filesystem not recognizable in Windows). I copied this to an 8GB SD card using HDD Raw Copy Tool. No partition resizing was required and all partitions were successfully cloned. Really like this tool

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