Browser home page, now with Metro

During our Moodle 2 upgrade I started wondering how best to signpost our users so that they can get to the right site quickly and easily. In the past this was simple as our Moodle site and website were one and the same and many of our other products could integrate from within the platform.

However with Moodle 2 we’re moving away from this due to the increased demands placed from our website platform, as well as the mandatory move to Office 365, which as yet doesn’t have any Moodle integration components.

I was thinking of knocking up a simple icon-based home page but then saw this on my travels… perfect!

Although the jury might be out on Metro ModernUI (yup I’m still doing the name thing) for Windows desktops it sure makes a very pretty home page!

After downloading the ZIP I found that the author has made a very nifty configuration page that sets up all the links for you (nice!) Only problem now being that the logo images were all wrong for the sites I need to put on the launcher. Time to crack out Photoshop to convert any full colour logos into flat white \ transparent. Learnt a few tricks for converting the logos (use the Levels option) and within half hour or so had this up and running…

Some of the links bounce off to the most visited pages on our website, the others are either web apps (Moodle, bksb, Go On) or useful resources.

(if anyone wants the source images for GMail etc comment this post)


4 Responses to Browser home page, now with Metro

  1. Hey could you please send me the source images used in your screen-shot?

    • gshaw0 says:

      Hi Luke,

      Are there any you’re particularly after? There’s a lot more in the original artist package on DeviantART I didn’t use. The ones I converted were GMail, Outlook, bksb and BBC Learning (along with the custom ones for Course Finder and Student Induction which are specific to Redbridge)

  2. Garry Gardiner says:

    Coul I have the moodlle logo please

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