PRINCE2 Foundation done and dusted

PRINCE2 manualLast week I managed to miss the whole Windows 8 launch party experience as I was at Learning Tree for a 3-day PRINCE2 Foundation course. Having done ITIL and found it useful it seemed like PRINCE2 made sense as the next step to learn some formalised management techniques to help make things run a bit smoother on future projects.

shocked catAfter signing up for the course a few months back I had my pre-course reading arrive, all 300 pages of it in this suitably weighty tome. Needless to say my reaction was something along the lines of the pic on the left!


Fortunately help wasn’t far away in the shape of a very handy little app on Google Play (I still keep calling it Android Market)

iStudy PRINCE2 appYou can use it in “Study” mode to just try out questions and get feedback for each answer. Even better it references the right pages and sections in the textbook so you can look up information in more detail.In the end I used the Study mode first then read around what I learnt from the questions, which seemed to work a lot better than trying to simply shovel 300 pages of management-speak into my head. The £4.99 paid version is well worth it to get 520 practice questions that are in the same style as the ones you’ll get in the real exam.

(click the image for a larger version, yup that’s actually my phone, it’s been through the wars a bit over the last two years!)

Next to the course itself, at first I wondered if it might be “dry” and a long 3 days but not so 🙂

As always Learning Tree hired a top notch tutor to run the course and as a result the class moved along at a good pace, applying what we’d learnt to our own organisations along the way along with quiz activities that made you think about the chapter you just covered. Course notes were also much more concise than using the textbook; turns out you don’t need some of the more detailed areas for Foundation so the notes helped to focus attention where it was needed.

Final day included the exam, pretty standard multiple choice affair, which although felt a lot harder than the practice ones in class ended with a similar result… a high scoring pass 😀

I’d fully recommend this course to anyone looking into PRINCE2 Foundation, whether you just want the certification or want to learn more about how to start implementing the techniques in your own projects. Course info is on the link below…

Learning Tree logo

Next step for me is to try Project in a Box as I like the idea of keeping as much of the documentation digital as possible, plus it should help to ensure I keep with the PRINCE2 processes.


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