IE10 beta… first impressions

One of the plus points many have found from trying Windows 8 was that IE was (whisper it quietly) actually pretty usable for the first time in a long time. As a result it’s been a bit of a mystery why it’s taken so long to appear for 7 (presumably to avoid taking the limelight away from Microsoft’s new baby)

As of the last few days the wait is over and IE10 beta is now available for download:

Seeing as I’m going all out and using new Microsoft range (Office 2013 & co.) on my day to day machine the new version was swiftly downloaded and after the usual reboot (sigh) time to give IE10 a twirl.

First thoughts

On loading it up nothing is radically different, the only visual clues being the Metro-ised flattened \ squared off scrollbars and tabs, plus that shade of blue that seems to be everywhere in the current MS product portfolio. Drop-down lists also have the Metro styling in terms of font and border surrounds.

However the real changes are under the hood as the browser feels significantly faster and for the first time in a very long time I used IE for most of the day without feeling the need for expletives or the Google Chrome shortcut. That in itself says a lot of what you need to know about this release… it’s pretty good! The visual trickery used in Office 2013 pops up now and again, it’s all very fluid which although making no difference on a technical front does give the all-important perception of being that bit slicker than before.

Moodle bonus

As much as I love the drag and drop file upload feature in Moodle 2.3 the (lack of) support in IE9 has caused me no end of trouble as (unsurprisingly) most users aren’t well versed in the finer arts of browser spotting!

As a result some were trying to upload files and wondering what was going on when IE was showing a white screen with a file download box instead… not good.

So with the weight of expectation behind it IE10 gets its shot, drumroll please as we wait for the results of the drag and drop test…

IE10 \ Moodle 2.3 upload test

Works perfectly, might not need that Google Chrome message for much longer 🙂


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