Fixing PXE-M0F errors during ZENWorks 11 imaging

As you may have noticed the blog has been a bit quiet at the start of 2013, as you may (or may not) have noticed I’ve moved jobs and been settling in with new products & projects.


One of the biggest changes has been learning Novell ZENWorks 11 after using Microsoft SCCM for the last 5 years. Imaging is a big topic at present as we’re migrating to Windows 7 in the summer so have been getting to grips with ZCM’s way of doing things. Lots more posts to come on this as there’s lots of little tips & tricks, as well as nifty use of Powershell to make a fully automated imaging process. To get started with though here’s one that can catch you out right at the beginning…

I’d set a hardware rule in ZCM to automatically image a test machine based on its MAC address. Nice and easy… or not as the case had it. The machine booted from the network then promptly fell flat on its face with the dreaded PXE-M0F error.

First thing to check is how you’ve entered the MAC address in ZCM. Whilst working on a training lab system I’d typed the MAC in lower case then soon realised it is actually case sensitive. Nice easy fix during that session but wasn’t the issue here… on to the next troubleshooting step…

With the PXE boot making no progess I decided to try using the imaging boot CD to see if that made any difference (to get the ISO go to http://youzcmserver/zenworks-setup and look under Imaging Tools). Imaging still failed but found that the CD gives a bit more information on why the image failed.

The error was ZENWorks imaging failed with error:63 and a message going along the lines of Unable to connect to preboot server. The product license might have expired.

Our license had only just been registered a few weeks ago so knew it wasn’t that, a bit of Googling led to some useful links that basically say the license error is actually a generic error that comes up when ZCM communication isn’t working properly…

The certificate suggestion made sense as we’d renamed our ZCM servers to reflect their roles a few days before, fortunately there is a way to regenerate the server certificate…

After doing that communication was restored and imaging worked successfully 🙂


One Response to Fixing PXE-M0F errors during ZENWorks 11 imaging

  1. Hamburg says:

    That fixed it.

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