How to: find block names in Moodle database & set default layout

A common request on a new Moodle site is to set up a standardised block layout for new courses. This helps to ensure a consistent look and feel, as well as reducing clutter for teachers using Moodle for the first time.

Setting the layout is fairly simple and requires a couple of lines to be added to config.php

If you’re only setting standard blocks you can pretty much set up from the examples in config-dist.php but what about contributed blocks? Sometimes the block name you need to use in the config file isn’t quite what you’d expect, which can be a pain!

Luckily it’s easy to get a list of all the block names from the Moodle database – I’m using MySQL Workbench but you could could do the same with phpmyadmin etc…

moodle block names mysql query


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