Happy 100th!

Wonder-100-Milestone-Image-640x385After my last post I noticed I’d hit 99 articles published so have held back a couple of others that were in the pipeline until I got round to writing this one. Looking back at my stats I started the blog 4 years ago on the (now very dead) Windows Live Spaces, moving the content over to WordPress by hand just after Microsoft brought out a migration tool (typical!)

Where it all began

Way back in 2009 (where did those 4 years go?) I started blogging as a way to note down some of the work I was doing day to day, almost as more of an online tech diary than anything else. As time has gone on it’s served as a good reminder a couple of months down the line when you can easily forget all those little tips and workarounds on a system you don’t touch every day. I also see it as my way of giving something back to the online community – I’m a great believer in using forums, discussion groups and suchlike to try and figure out problems so when I have something concrete at the end I write it up and share it to save someone else tearing their hair out elsewhere! It also played a part in getting my new job where I’ve just completed my first year 🙂

Most popular

To my surprise some of the posts have proved more useful than I first thought they might – checking out the stats there’s two that lead the way by some margin…

1st place – How to… get a perfect Windows 7 managed Start Menu and Taskbar
This one really surprised me at the time, I remember when writing it thinking “no-one will read this”… how wrong was I! While doing some R&D for a Windows 7 deployment I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an out-the-box solution to give machines a clean, pre-populated Start Menu with pinned items. Microsoft seemed to obsess with some of the default Windows applications and didn’t want to let me be helpful and put commonly used Office shortcuts there instead. Fortunately some clever people had written scripts that could help solve the issue, along with some GPO tweaking. It’s also a great example of the tech community sharing ideas and solving problems.

2nd place – Fixing the Windows 8.1 “We weren’t able to connect the Store…” error
This one has sent my stats through the roof at times, which I guess is testament to how ropey the Windows Store can be as much as my solution! I found this when staying late at work setting up a couple of Surface RTs, one worked, the other didn’t. Furious Googling didn’t really help, apart from one post in  Microsoft Answers thread that gave me an idea to check out the user accounts link more closely and led to the solution. Judging by the comments box it’s not a fix in every case (seems like there’s a couple of variants to the cause of the error) but it’s helped some out there get going with Windows 8

merry_christmas_grumpy_cat_greeting_cards-r27c69b2fca374af483c78740c2b9c345_xvuat_8byvr_512The future

Onwards and upwards! Over the next couple of months I’m going to be doing a lot of work with Office 365, SharePoint and Server 2012 so expect plenty from that point of view. I’ve got new versions of Moodle to play with and recently took on a personal website project using WordPress (.org version this time) so that might sneak in at some point too.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in the only way I know how… 



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