HTA based quick launcher for Adobe CS6

As you may have already seen on here I’m quite a fan of HTAs as the mix of script and HTML formatting can prove rather useful for creating little toolkit-style apps. This time round it’s the turn of the Adobe Creative Suite to get kitted up.

The reason for this came about as part of our attempt to clean up the desktop of our Windows workstations; it’s far too easy to end up with icon overload which isn’t nice to look at and (in my personal view) not that great to use.

When we pushed out our Adobe CS6 Bundle via Zenworks we wondered what to do with the icon that hangs around after installation completes. Then had an idea – what if we could make something where the user could launch all the CS6 apps from a single shortcut without needing to go back to the Start Menu each time.

Et voila 🙂

cs6 launcher

Thanks go to iampxr on DeviantArt for creating an icon pack for Photoshop that I shrunk down and embedded into the HTA using the trusty base64 encoder I’ve used quite a few times now. There’s also a PNG version of the CS6 icons at dAKirby309 also on DeviantArt if you prefer that format.

At that point it’s just a matter of creating a suitable table format, getting the first link right then copy \ pasting the rest and changing image code and paths. A little bit of CSS later and the colour scheme matches the same dark greys used in CS6 programs to give it an authentic look.

Note: this launcher is for an x64 CS6 installation where some applications e.g. Photoshop run from the standard “Program Files” folder and the others from “Program Files (x86)”. If you’re purely 32-bit then change paths for each application as required.

If you want to give it a try grab a copy from SkyDrive – as always I recommend looking through the code to check it does what you want and that paths match your environment.


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