Summer of tablets starts here

After a relatively quiet period at the start of the year it seems manufacturers are falling over themselves to unveil their new ranges, here’s three that have particularly caught my eye – of which I suspect one will end up as my new mobile companion of choice…

Lenovo ThinkPad 10

I’ve been holding out for this ever since it was mentioned on the Lenovo stand at BETT, finally getting a look at it seems worth the wait. Plenty of options and with Bay Trail there should be an affordable model in the range.

Will be interesting to see how the slim keyboard compares to others out there as the keys look very flat in the photos, although the chiclet keyboard looks easy to type on I prefer to go for the slim version to keep the overall size down. Still not seen an OEM answer to the Surface Type cover, which is a shame as it works well without being too bulky, in the case of Dell (and potentially this Lenovo) it seems to be a case of all-or-nothing in terms of weight vs key feedback.  Built-in digitiser is good to see after being impressed with how well it worked on the Dell Venue 11 Pro




Microsoft Surface 3

Hot off the press today is the new Surface 3, Microsoft trying something a bit different with a 12″ tablet that’s either going to work brilliantly or be marginally too large to be comfortably portable. Working out the measurements against previous Surface models the difference is only 20-30mm so will be very interested to try one out in the flresh (or should I say metal \ glass)

Although I somehow doubt anyone from Microsoft has ever read my previous posts posts constantly asking for an i3 model I’m glad they’ve seen the light and offered a full range of CPUs this time around. Would the Atom at a lower price be a better choice than the i3 I wonder? Just hoping that the dollar \ pound conversion works kindly in the UK and it comes in at a reasonable price point (anything over £500 for the entry model is too much imo). Would also like to see the keyboard offered at a more reasonable price as charging the best part of £100 for a piece of plastic is daylight robbery!



The Surface 3 also seems to have finally put Windows RT out of its misery on standard tablets (unless the Surface Mini makes an appearance later). Not really surprising given the fact Bay Trail seems to be pulling in similar battery run-times but without the compromise of no Desktop apps.

Schenker Element

Who? That was my first impression as well but this new name is coming to the UK with a very interesting product and price point. It’s basically a German homage to the original Surface (no bad thing as I still rate the design) but at a very attractive price point. The Element has a full range of CPUs (including the affordable yet nippy Quad Core Bay Trail Atom) and a keyboard cover that doesn’t cost a quarter of the price of the tablet itself!

The screen isn’t as high resolution as the headline 1080p panels on the Microsoft or Lenovo models above but I can’t say I’ve ever felt particularly inclined to demand much more than the 1366×768 on the RT. The brightness and contrast would be of more interest but if those are right the Schenker could provide good competition for the Asus T100 in the value-for-money stakes.





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