Quick tips: where did my emails go in Office 365 Outlook Web App?

Outlook_2013_LogoHad a bit of an odd problem today that ended up having a very simple (yet easily overlooked) fix. One of our users who had recently been migrated had called us to say some messages weren’t appearing in the OWA web interface but were definitely there on the desktop Outlook client and iPhone app.

A colleague and I had a look at the account and at first look experienced exactly the same issue when looking for the email in question. Just for argument’s sake we tried again in another browser (Chrome) and there was the message, clear as day!

At that point I started questioning our sanity (it’s been a busy week!) but then suddenly spotted the clue that solved the mystery… one little arrow on the left hand side of the message…

conversation view hint
Turns out the mailbox view on IE was displaying the (default?) conversation view whereas Chrome was displaying in message view (i.e. one email entry per reply sent \ received). The user was searching for messages from a particular recipient and given that conversation view is off by default in Outlook 2013 it’s not surprising that this caused confusion.

A quick tweak to the web interface settings as per the screenshot below and the email appeared back where we expected it to be. Seeing as the user hadn’t been on Office 365 for long we doubt they’d modified the setting themselves so seems to be a bit of an anomaly as to why it mysteriously changed in Chrome, one to add to the quick solutions list in case we get it again in future I think…

conversation view

conversation view: a deceptively simple setting to turn on and off but potentially very annoying!


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