Save yourself from insanity… Dynamics CRM 2013 setspn unknown parameter

Sometimes in IT you get tasks that can drive you to the brink of madness, fortunately this series of  posts should help before you end up like the chap on the right >>>

Bizarre problem of the day goes to the setspn command that is recommended as part of a Dynamics CRM 2013 installation. I prefer to set up commands with multiple parameters in Notepad before putting them anywhere near the command prompt so did the same as usual with setspn having read the online documentation and added the required options.

I then fired up the command prompt, pasted in my carefully crafted string and… nothing… setspn spat it back at me saying the parameters entered weren’t recognised despite showing an example with exactly the same syntax!

Just to be sure I started cmd again, making doubly sure I’d ran it as elevated, under the correct user, removed any trailing spaces etc. but still no joy 😦

Finally I thought I’d try typing the command in just in case I was somehow picking up a stray character from the copy \ paste operation… success!

Moral of the story… type this one manually

I’ve never seen anything like it before but bizarrely it seems typing the command manually is the only way to get it to work. Verifying with setspn -l confirmed the records had entered correctly, definitely one for the weird fixes list…

We had to re-install CRM today when moving to a production environment; I forgot about the trick and re-found (!) the solution via TechNet forums, seems I wasn’t alone in experiencing the issue:


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