ZCM PXEMenu: TFTP Read File failed

Just a quick post but could prove useful to anyone who heavily customises their ZCM 11 imaging servers:

When I first started working on our imaging system we only had a couple of entries in the boot menu, which was pretty much the same as the Novell out-the-box menu bar one added option for our own image.

As I started customising further we gained more and more options until I got to the point of making a couple of submenus to house the various scenarios I’d built up, including:

  • standard single image (clear existing ISD data)
  • multicast image (master and slave machine options)
  • OOBE image (run the first couple of imaging scripts to pre-install drivers but shut down leaving the machine ready to use just needing a name)
  • various diagnostic options (basic VGA for unsupported chipsets, imaging manual mode etc.)

The error

The other day I went to add another line to try out some new code then to my surprise got a call from one of our technicians saying the PXE boot was broken – sure it enough it was:

ProcessPXEMenu: TFTP Read File failed

The fix

Initially I thought I’d made a typo on one of the new lines I’d added, or perhaps forgot to upload a matching config or script file that the menu was calling. Checking back I couldn’t see any errors but did notice in WinSCP that the file was now 76 lines long.

I removed the new line, back to 75 lines total and rebooted… PXE boot worked again!

I then removed an old comment line I didn’t need anymore and replaced it with the new option I tried to add initially and sure enough the PXE boot still worked. Adding the comment line back caused the error again.

It seems that there’s some sort of size restriction on the pxemenu.txt file, whether it’s file size or a 75 line limit I can’t say for sure but definitely one to watch out for if you like to customise your imaging menu.


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