Tools of the trade

ToolkitBecause the list of all the best little tools and utilities only gets larger over time I’ve decided to take it out of my head and starting writing them out on a post here.

Works well for me as there’s somewhere to refer back to and works well for anyone reading this to discover something very handy that may not yet have crossed your path.

I’ve tried to split into categories so skip to the one that’s most relevant. The list is by no means exhaustive so I’ll keep adding more as I remember or discover them 🙂


Construction Worker-50Hobbyist

like to create your own electronics? Look no further…



tools for video, audio etc.


Network-50Network & Server

Local and online utilities for your day-to-day networking needs



Development tools and reference


System Task-50System

An assortment of tools for your local machine



Web development tools

Disclaimer: although I’ve used all the tools in the list and recommend them due to their effectiveness and usually zero cost be aware that they may not stay that way forever! Keep a local copy of any program you find especially useful and always watch installers carefully in case the developer decides to go down the adware-supported route at some point in the future. Forewarned is forearmed…

Image credit: Icons8


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